Random of Mother’s Day

Random of Mother’s Day

different with last year, i through this mother’s day randomly. go outside from home to pay phone bill. after that stop in one shop that sell art stuff. and i bought this thing
what do you think what will i do with that stuff? just wait. i’ll show if i already made some art with that stuff.
wash my motorbike, accompany my aunt to her friend’s house by my motorbike, thats some of random things that i do.
at 5 p.m i tried to see the announcement the winner of festival blog 2010. and my name wasn’t there. that’s the reason why i sad today. i try some of competition but i always lose. from djarum black blog competition, total summer school and this festival blog. maybe i have to try again someday until i can be the winner of competition.
and how about your mother’s day?
oke, tonight after i from EF i bought two kebab and give the one for my mom. honestly i can’t say seems like “romantic” words to my mother. i just say “mama, ini ada kebab buat mama. kan sekarang hari ibu”. maybe it heard awkward or whatever. but in deep of my heart i really really love my mom. the person who makes me can grow up until now. strong single parents the person who give me something that i want from i was kid.

there’s some mother’s day greeting from tweople

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