i miss you umi :(

i miss you umi :(

and maybe this is will be my last post for today. teman-teman saya sudah di cilegon loh sekarang. buat ngelanjutin Kerja Praktek gue. kan kemarenan udah tuh di kantor radiant yang di tendean. tapi mulai hari ini pindah ke cilegon. langsung ke lapangannya.

personally, i really enjoy this situation. go to another place to get new experience. but in another side my grandma who usually i called “umi” still was sick. that will be some thought in my mind. i hope, my grandma can smile like before

umi, we miss you 🙁 and we still pray for your healthy. keep spirit, we always beside you 🙂

teman-teman mohon doanya yah biar umi gue bisa cepet sembuh. amin

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