Finally, blackberry !!

Finally, blackberry !!

after i won the taxplore, and money from my scholarship “liquid” (maksudnya duit beasiswa turun :p). finally i have new cell phone. the old one, already “uzur” dan “kurang anu”. and this is the old one

 text on keypad already erased, the screen also get trouble and i don’t know how to describe again

so, i change with Blackberry Gemini 3G. actually, i don’t really want this stuff just because prestige or something like that, since the blackberry already in indonesia about 2 or 3 years later and maybe i’m late to have this stuff. but, i really need it since i need multi-tasking cell phone.
and this is the new one


so, if you want keep in touch with me, just text me on BBM :p do you want to get my Pin BBM? just tweet me @nizarland and i will DM you (kayak ada yang mao minta aje) hehehehe

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