#inimini on 11/03/2011

#inimini on 11/03/2011

yesterday, i brought #inimini to take some of picture. since in my campus there was more event.
The First:
Mapres (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) FISIP!
yes, i’m not the FISIP student actually. but i went to AJB FISIP since one of my friend (naimah) are 6th best of Mapres in FISIP. so i went there to give her support and take a pict of her

naimah when she read conclusion
oh ya, i really admire one of the 6th top Mapres FISIP beside naimah. her name is rialucky. her speech in english so amazing. i and one of my friend who also came to this event (galih) feel same as me. i just speechless and…..WAW. i don’t know how to describe her speech. she speak like native i think. maybe if you have read galih’s post. you will know who is her.
 and she is rialucky, very smart woman
The Second:
Freshmen Cup
after from fisip, i back to my faculty, teknik. and there was Freshmen Cup (Sport competition for new student). and yesterday metal win versus mesin. the score 1 – 0 for metal. good job for cemet (cewek metal) 😀

The Last:
random post
actually i want to attend event in FH (Fakultas Hukum) because there was seems like film festival or something like that. but, since the rain so bad. so, i just stay at kantek and take random pict of my friend

And that was…..

hahaha, sorry i had been a paparazzi yesterday 😀
okay, thats all. thank you and keep reading 🙂
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