Praktikum Metalografi

Praktikum Metalografi

hey guys, i forget to post this one. this posting about what i had been doing in a few week ago. and that was
Praktikum Metalografi
praktikum kali ini sangat menyenangkan. praktikumnya juga santai gak ada tekanan apa-apa (walaupun at the end, cukup kelabekan ngerjain laporan akhir H-1 karena koneksi internet di rumah dan printer yang rusak)
and this is my team

and if you wanna see, this is my microstructure sample
individual sample: “carburizing steel”

group sampel: “Steel S 45C, quenched”
hahaha maybe some of you, feel headache when see this pict. but actually, this practicum really interesting. similar as my hobby “photography”. but this is “metallography” to see how microstructure of materials look like 😀
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