yo men, watzaaap! in this post we’re talking about Design, yes poster design
a few weeks ago, i tried to register competition in my campus. and that was, TAXPLORE 2011. honestly, i don’t really great at poster design. but the lucky was me :p
and this is my poster
 copyright Nizarland
and this is picture when i present my picture in front of audience and judges

and this is the final event, my name was announce as the 3rd winner of Tax Design. Thank god 🙂
selamat ya nak, anda menang :p

lumayan ngeceng di depan anak fiskal dan pajak. haha
even, the competitor not much as you imagine. but, i really happy that was the first time i was the winner of competition in my own campus 🙂

What i got

never give up to raise what you wanna. because there is Allah who can help us 🙂 keep spirit 😀
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