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13th Livecoutsic DONE!

yeah yesterday 13th LIVECOUSTIC done. that was my second livecoustic, the first was here. really amazing that 1st event of RTC UI FM finally done 🙂 Featuring & Guest Star mahoney karolina musik bengkel mu;essence L’alphalpa bangku taman GOOD JOB COLLEAGUE! NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspire The World”

Praktikum Cor

this is the last “praktikum”, learning about how to make product from molten metal until real product. i will miss you “praktikum” *sepik* haha my best team for this “praktikum” tim tampan dengan satu inklusi wanita haha and this is our product belati with its gating system maybe hard to understand about what i had […]

Jakarta Nightshot

last night, as usually when there nothing to do sometime me and my friend go out for take fresh night air while taking photograph. let’s enjoy 🙂 kapan lagi bisa tiduran dan push-up di atas terowongan casablanca (Y) and many more     wajib liaaat! haha jurus eki menggonggong   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA KOCAAAAK! lokasi: diatas terowongan […]


siapa coba yang ga tau fixie? stuff yang jadi bahan omongan anak gaul sekarang. tweet nya tinggal “gowes” atau “Car Free Day” or something like that. AND FINALLY don’t believe it directly, i just borrowed my friend’s. yang menting foto dulu biar G4uLZzzzz! hahaha NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspire The World”

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