Goelali Fest 2011

Goelali Fest 2011

last thursday and friday i was a volunteer of Goelali Fest (Children Film Festival), not only screening film but also a lot of workshop like news reporting, sound effect, stop motion. and then fun activity like gardening, feeding animals, etc. and of course, this event fully for children. and i really enjoy this activity, around children 😀

he is one of my favourite kid. smart and energetic

our happiness

this is workshop room. full of artistic posters 🙂

sesama anak pecinta film UI

aaaaah, onyo nya paman gana dan bibi desi :’)

yeaaaah, we’re free 😀

wah, umbi ku sudah paneeen 😀

and there was board of dream which had a lot of dream of people. let see

and that’s mine

yeah! me and one of my idol, kak seto. i admire him, simply because he loves child
okay, anyway thanks for all volunteer who kind and fun. thanks for being my friend. see you in Goelali Fest 2012 😀

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