Ingath RTC UI FM 2011

Ingath RTC UI FM 2011

i always excited to face holiday. and last weekend i went to Anyer with colleague RTC UI FM for interlan gathering. i don’t know how to describe it. felt hot in bus, good cottage like honeymoon, beautiful view to the beach, gathered with many colleague, had guardiang angel *aaaw*, sharing and many more. this internal gathering so getting hot!

full of colleague

ketika macet, kami pun beraksi

bersama di dalam kehangatan 🙂

yeah, we’re professional surfer #sepik haha

going to banana boat

yeaah, we’re ready!

iyaaa, dan ternyata jatuh saudara-saudara

ditutup dengan tukeran kado

and my great division, event organizer!

oke, thanks for reading this post. i’ll give you gift from anyer. the sexy picture i ever had. act like baywatch hahaha and this one

The sexiest picture 2012 hahaha 😀

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