Malam Final Abnon Kep. Seribu

Malam Final Abnon Kep. Seribu

the trip started when dera ask me to join her and some of our friends to final night “abnon kep. seribu”. as i know the place is in another island, and i’ve been waiting for go to island, i take this chance without thinking long. anything is free. this is my best moment. can’t reach another island just spend Rp. 25.000. just for busway fee, and snack at the first.
although lil bit disappointed since my friend came late. so we got second boat. and can’t reach the island when sunset, unfortunatelly 🙁 but generally that was fun 😀

touch down, “pulau bidadari’ 😀

the most beautiful none for me :p

she is one of my family
finalist of none kep.seribu 2010

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