My 20th Birthday (Y)

My 20th Birthday (Y)

thank god, finally i reach my 20th birthday. thanks for all of graces from you. and in my 20th birthday i didn’t have special activity. thats made me lil bit bored. i just standby in home since the day before my bithday i had from anyer. but i was still happy since many of my friend give some congratulations via SMS, Facebook and twitter.
and the first people who gave me congratulation is gana. thanks gan 🙂

and also from twitter. really happy 🙂

from twitter


and for facebook, i just capture “happy birthday” which not standard. it means not just like this “HB WYATB” or anything like that. but i really happy for all congratulation that i got 🙂

from facebook


oh ya, and i also had congratulation for my new “partner in crime” hehe and they are Asistant of Corrosion and Extraction Lab. yeaaay!

i got it from Group Facebook of Us

and one thing that made me happier that i also got from Mona Ganiem. she is one of my favourite speaker in one of training i ever made. and FYI, she also the person who encouraged me to create a blog

thanks bu mona 🙂

initially, i lil bit sad since i didn’t get congratulation for “real person” in my birthday. just from my blackberry. oh ya, there still person who gave me real shakehand for congratulation. but that wasn’t exceed ten person. ya, maybe the reason because i just stay at home for rest.

and the day after my birthday i went to campus. my intention was for meeting about backstage. and FYI, my wheel of motorbike leak up to three times and i had to pass through the rain. but it all replaceable with birthday surprise which my friend prepare for me. it undescribable. completely happy 😀

the best birthday cake i ever had
and one stuff that makes me happier is poster that reads birthday greetings from Event Organizer RTC UI FM division. thanks guys! 😀

that’s cool men! really cool (Y)

ya, and wafi as Art Director of that poster. thanks wafi 🙂

thanks for all of colleague RTC UI FM for birthday surprise. to be honest, that was the first time i got birthday surprise. and you made my birthday memories from flat to be an amazing birthday. thanks a bunch *big hug*

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