Monthly Archives: July 2011

Rest In Peace iki

oke this post fully dedicated for my beloved bestfriend Mochammad Risky Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un, last saturday night (July 30th, 2011) i lost one of my bestfriend, and he was “iki”. i know iki not just for one year or two years but more than 10 years. since he is my childhood friend, my […]

2nd Anniversary of Nizarland

waw, suddenly i remember today is 2nd birthday of my blog. really stupid why i can forget second anniversary of my own blog. one year ago i very well-prepare to celebrate first anniversary and i made Birthday Card and Full history why NIZARLAND could be like now. Birthday Card 1st Anniversary click here to read […]

Kemang with ‘Bule’

spend saturday night with foreigner really interesting. we can chit-chat with english to practice, know about their culture, have fun with them, ya really nice. thanks my friend (rivky) for his privilege to ask me join that party. and now i know lil bit greeting from another language, such as Russian. but still lil bit. […]

Musikal Laskar Pelangi

bermulai dari denger suara mba Mira Lesmana “Musikal Laskar Pelangi” di iklan TV yang bikin gue tertarik banget buat nonton, gak tau kenapa. walaupun awalnya terasa mahal tiketnya, tapi semakin lama semakin mupeng ngeliat tweet yang di RT sama mba Mira Lesmana dan iklannya di berbagai media. muter-muter ke ibu dibjo, ke TIM dan signature […]

Inan & Usman from June to July

after a few weeks inan, usman and family stayed in ‘Rumah Umi’ and today they back to pekalongan. i feel sad since in my house there’s no children voice, just habil, alone. so i take some picts for reminding them. Edisi USMAN si usman lagi mewek sebelom pulang, si usman izin dulu ama umi 🙂 […]

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