2nd Anniversary of Nizarland

2nd Anniversary of Nizarland

waw, suddenly i remember today is 2nd birthday of my blog. really stupid why i can forget second anniversary of my own blog. one year ago i very well-prepare to celebrate first anniversary and i made Birthday Card and Full history why NIZARLAND could be like now.

Birthday Card 1st Anniversary

click here to read post “First Anniversary”

maybe this year i don’t make any Birthday Card again same as last year, but i want to let us know about NIZARLAND closer, especially the last one year.
NIZARLAND already read by more than ten thousand peoples in the wold.

track history

and this is country which there was “Penghuni Nizarland”

really amazed since i never think that many people interest to read my blog. thank you so much 🙂

What my bestfriend said

and once more
wah ogut dapet ucapan selamat dan salam super dari Ketua BEM UI
(yakale, itu juga muke lu zar)

oh ya, and i just let you know that now you can read mobile version of NIZARLAND. so you don’t have to lost any “pulsa” or waiting to long since size web version so big. maybe up to hundred kilobytes.
just visit:

okay, good bye. see you in next post 🙂
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