Rest In Peace iki

Rest In Peace iki

oke this post fully dedicated for my beloved bestfriend

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un, last saturday night (July 30th, 2011) i lost one of my bestfriend, and he was “iki”. i know iki not just for one year or two years but more than 10 years. since he is my childhood friend, my neighbour (my house is really next to his house. if he sing, i can hear from my room’s window), friend who play together, stay in middle of the night together, hang out together, etc.
ya he already got sickness since he was child. but with his spirit he can go through anything at all. he is my friend who really though. i got many values of life from him. undirectly he teach me to always share happiness to people around us. always smile, never be angry, be polite with people who older than us.
this is the first time my friend past away, “MY BESTFRIEND” i mean. Rest In Peace iki. wish you stay in best place.

Memories with iki

pas becanda lagi sholat
karokean bareng
ini udah lumayan lama, pas jaman mao nonton transformer
iya bener mao nonton transformer
nah kalo ini baru2 ini pas begadang sambil makan nasgor bareng :'(

thank god i live with neighbour who really care each other. i think they are not just my neighbour, but they already like my family. gather together, laugh together. we were helping each other when one of us had problem. i really miss that moment when we gather with iki. now one of our family had gone T_T
kangen saat iki manggil “kung, keluar lagi gak lo?”. kangen saat iki nanyain “ka*l, kemane lo? kangen saat iki bbm gue nanyain bahasa inggris buat bales bbm ke gebetannya, kangen pas dia mention gak jelas twitter gue, kangen baca “wkwkwkwkwkw” nya dia, kangen pas balik dari nongkrong bareng terus kita sama-sama masuk ke pintu rumah masing, he always said “makasih ya kung, besok keluar lagi”. iki, you’re really my bestfriend.
Ya Allah tempatkanlah sahabat terbaikku di tempat terbaik-Mu
god, if iki can wake up just one time. give him time for read this post and i want hug him. really miss when he was gone. not just me, all of us miss you ki :'(
#aresta family
p.s: sorry if this post so freakin’ bitchy. but ya, since he is REALLY MY CLOSE BELOVED BESTFRIEND :”(

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