YOT National Conference

YOT National Conference

July, 23th 2011 there was Big and Great Event and it names Young On Top National Conference. first event from YOT since i join as YOT CA. and this event really inspiring me and the others. and happy can blend with another CA. All of the speaker are inspiring. but i choose two of my favorites. the first is mas Iwan Setyawan (Author of 9 Summers 10 Autums) and the second is Coach Rene (Career Coach).
Mas Iwan Setyawan was the first speaker and from my opinion he was the touchest speaker of that day. he is good story-teller. he told us story about him from he was the child of ‘Angkot’ driver in Malang, until he can success like now as director in one of company in NEW YORK.
that’s really amazing. he told us how they really love his family. he always holding hand together when there was problem. even their family not from educated-people but he thought that his family learn him about great value which he get from the street.

Small person with Big vision
i remember one of his quote:
My mom not actually well-educated but intelectually enlighted
-Iwan Setyawan-
he teach to through fear, to care with people around you, to be warm people. if you want to get more value from him just read his book (9 Summers 10 Autums).
and about coach rene, he teach us to love our job. find your passion honestly. “Think Less, Feel More” that one of his quote to find your passion. he really funny and humble person. don’t judge this is your passion or not. through it first, at least 3 months then you’ll know this is your passion or no.
oh ya, i remember his message to do #Misi21. let’s follow @Misi21. so you have to do extra-ordinary, unusual activity in 21 consecutive day. after that write down your activity. if you lost one day, you have to do it again from first day. ya thats interesting, i want try that challenge.

me and my favorite coach (Coach Rene)
overall i really happy can in charge in this event. really first great event in YoungOnTop. i hope next event will me more amazing. see you 🙂

YOT Family :’)

anyway let’s follow @YoungOnTop to get inspiration everyday 🙂

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