Happy Ied 1432H

Happy Ied 1432H

yeaaay! finally ied day is coming. so gratefull can feel this winning day. in this year i got different way. in some previous year i had to have new stuff for the first day of ied. even it just underwear, sock, or watch maybe. but not for today, i didn’t use fully new stuff. ya for clothes i have new one but not for sandals, boxer or something. maybe this is one of sign that i have to be more mature.
so amazing, in first day of ied we can meet all of our family, our neighbour, make our relation closer. yeah! i really feel glad to run this day.

Keluarga Besar ARESTA (Anak Remaja Otista)
i just shake hands for apologize with my neighbour around my home, people who come to my house, my family of course, any many people. i didn’t go to family from my father side since they move to depok. so far away for my mom. and my mom still take care of my grandma. ya, it’s oke.
after pray dzuhur, i run internet until 3 p.m and had a sleep. wake up at 6 p.m and my friends (aresta) ask me to go for dinner. finally we went to KFC Gelael. the queue very long and it takes about 30 minutes, huft. but finally we got food and i glad because wi-fi on and i can download so fast speed. cool!

yes, akhirnya pecinya muat. walaupun ada sayap disampingnya :p

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