Lebaran at Grand Indonesia

Lebaran at Grand Indonesia

4th day of ‘Lebaran” i went to Grand Indonesia to having a conversation with Naimah and Kenny while saying ‘Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin’ in this year. firstly we went to Magnum Cafe. finally i have tried magnum with various topping, so delicious! even we didn’t dine in but we took some photos there and enjoy an ice cream in ‘Magnum Chair’ in front of the cafe

Naimah & Kenny


after that we found some food for Naimah’s breakfasting. as usually i order kebab, since long time i didn’t eat any kebab maybe more than one month. and i also tried naimah’s big noodle. really big portion.

bahkan bawa kue lebaran juga haha titipan naimah
and then before pray maghrib we saw fountain show. really cool that water seems like dancing. amazing and beautiful. and we continue to gramedia for looking some book. thanks Naimah, thanks Kenny for today. next time we have to continue our conversation 🙂

(daydreaming) :p
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