Lebaran #Metal08

Lebaran #Metal08

i spend 3rd day of lebaran with my family, ya #metal08 Big Family. campus mate who already being as my family. we went to yoga’s, oji’s, mine, joni’s and vanny’s house at the end. and ndaw’s, giska’s, niko’s, ipeh’s and albar’s house before went to yoga’s house. but i join the trip from yoga’s house till drop.
i don’t know how to explain what happy i am can ‘lebaran’ together with #metal08 and ‘silaturahmi’ to our house one by one. i hope next year this activity can run routinely






one of in vanny’s house. CLIMAX! everything run better. from food so delicious and so a lot. and we had black magic games. yeah! really fun.

thank #metal08 for this interesting days. next year do it again! 😀
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