11.11.11 when date too beatiful, when event so many, when many people married and many people get relationship. i went to some event in my college. the first one is Festifrance. Festival from france literature department. actually i went there, becacause my friends ask me to came and i want to attend photograph seminar. but i was too late, so i just saw fashion show, ballet and band performance.

then, the second event is Craft. the Biggest Event of BKST (Bengkel Kreasi Seni Teknik) from my faculty. i really proud that even engineering faculty but we can show that we also have sense of art. from music performance, traditional dance, theatre, etc.

with tezar, crew of craft
i went there while working as Reporter RTC UI FM. i took some photos from front row since i use Media ID. Really enjoy working in media. Enjoy photos. Remember, all of photos have copyright 🙂

The Banery

Sunset Groove


More Photos
The Banery (again)


love this instrument :”)

Nunung CS

Bag Beat

Iga Massardi – Soulvibe

Sunset Groove

Aldhi Mahardhika – Bag Beat

Tari BKST (so expressive, kewl!)

i didn’t write down detail of this event. maybe you can read news from Web RTC UI FM or another media. i just want to show stage act of performer. try to post with different point of view. hope you enjoy 🙂

Crew – Performer – Media

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