Urbanfest 2011

Urbanfest 2011

a few week ago (19-20 november), i went to pasar seni ancol to stand by in Urbanfest since Young On Top got one stand. so, me and some of campus ambassador stay there to introduce Young On Top to visitors. in this event, there was many young community. crazy and creative community i think. i feel like in heaven, where freedom is everywhere, there’s some art and media. awesome event. next year, i MUST go  to this event!!!

Stand Young On Top

Foto selanjutnya

Loncatannye asik bet

Aldi Hawari temen gue, kok ada gambar dia disini?

ini papercraft loh 🙂

Papercraft angry bird

yuk, yang agan-agan hehe

udeh sahabatan bener ama makhluk ini

winwin, bestari, gue


Lanjutan fotonya
azeeeeek cheguvara!


Foto yang lain

Masih ada foto yang lain kok

Komunitas Zombie

Stage performance

too many photos i want to share actually. more than i post above. there’s still great picture. but i just can show photos above. how do you think about this event? Really interesting, right? See you in Urbanfest 2012 🙂

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