Inspiring People #3

Inspiring People #3

Waw, i don’t believe that my post about Inspiring People already five months ago. So, i’m write the new one at the moment.
Did you already read my last post about metal eve? click here if you not read yet. Oke this post is about Chairman of organization who held that event. Please welcome, Chairman of IMMt FTUI…..

Rinaldi Maulana who often called by naldi is one of the inspiring people who i ever met. I want to write at this time that HE IS THE BEST CHAIRMAN OF IMMT FTUI since i was student in metallurgy and materials engineering. That’s just point of view from me. I don’t know if some people agree or disagree with me. But, i think i will got more agreement from some people.
The reason why i wrote that he is the best:
First, when he was a chairman there was MANY big event in IMMt such as Metallurgy Gathering, Seminar Korosi. And some inovative event like Metal Eve and many more.
Second, he really close to each metallurgy student. As my friend said, if there was an event he was in that event not just being an “Icon” who want to as speaker or anything else. He really into it to all of Project or event in IMMt FTUI
Third, he is “Kongkrit”. I mean, his vision in IMMt is not only to solidify relation between student or whatever but he want that all of metallurgy student could got more achievement even in departement scale, faculty, university, national or international scale. So he really support to all of student to get more achievement such as in Teknik Cup, Olimpiade UI, OIM UI, UI Fest or another competition. And he give “Kongkrit” stuff to our departement. That is TV which will be put at Gazmet.
Anyway i got achievement “Best Student of Competition FTUI 2011” since he is the person who ask me to register as “Mapres” at that time. Thank You Naldi 🙂
The way he lead us
I interviewed him when metal eve was running, and this is our conversation:
Naldi’s Interview
Q: Apa tujuan awal lo ketika jadi Ketua IMMt?
A: Tujuan awal gue jadi Ketua IMMt, gue pingin nyenengin warga metal. Gue mau kita buat acara yang seneng-seneng bareng. Selain itu juga gue mau kalo metal punya prestasi. Kalo misalnya warga metal solid itu biasa, itu sudah pasti terjaga. Kalo warga metal berprestasi itu yang luar biasa. Makanya itu yang gue kejar.
Q: Proker favorit atau unggulan yang membanggakan IMMt tahun ini?
A. Seminar Korosi MnMs Week dan Reuni Akbar Metallurgy Gathering. Soalnya selama dua tahun belakangan proker ini gak terlaksana. Jadi kalo tekim bangga dengan PGD nya, TI dengan LKTI nya, sekarang kira sudah bisa bangga dengan Seminar Korosi MnMs Week kita.
Q: Yang membedakan IMMt tahun lo dengan tahun-tahun sebelumnya?
A: Dari segi proker ada Metal Eve, ada juga pengenalan PIMNAS, bedah riset, MnMs Week dan Metallurgy Gathering, lomba karya tulis kecil-kecilan buat metal 2011.
Q: Kalo kesan lo tentang SDM di IMMt yang menyokong lo dari belakang gimana?
A: Kalo dari jumlah alhamdulillah, SDM IMMt tahun ini paling banyak. Kan IMMt tahun ini secara mayoritas dari dua angkatan 2009 yang banyak jadi BPH dan 2010 yang banyak jadi BP. Gue sangat salut dan bangga sama kinerja mereka semua.
Q: Pesan untuk IMMt selanjutnya?
A: Harus lebih baik dari IMMt sebelumnya (seeet yang ini singkat banget sob! hahaha)
Lastly, i just want to say, that i really Proud and Happy have a leader like him. The way he lead people so inspire me and maybe another people.

Start to share your inspiration to people around you. See you at next Inspiring People 🙂

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