Karaoke with Goethe Mate

Karaoke with Goethe Mate

After celebrated Graduation Party at Paulaner Brauhaus (click here to read), we went to “Karaoke” at Pasar Festival to celebrate Birthday Party for Tissa and Yoga. Waited at 7eleven for a moment while eat some snack and drink some coffee, we take a picture use Polaroid. This is my first time use Polaroid. That’s cool (even polaroid is my friend’s) :p. Anyway they are my Goethe mate.

Yoga and Tissa (Birthday boy and Birthday girl)

After waited for 2 hours maybe, finally we got a room for “Karaoke” and we sang a song together 🙂

When we were karaoke-ing

Some of them tears down, maybe because they are women and that is like farewell party. I don’t know why but i feel relation between us so strong. Maybe that’s the reason why some of females tears down :”)
This will be our great memories 🙂

Wir lieben Tissa und Yoga!! Jetzt ist Tissa 19 und Yoga ist 25 Jahre alt ;D ♥ viel Glück für ihnen!!
-Nadya Larasati-

Thanks nadya for your photo editing 🙂

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