Last Traxkustik at 2011

Last Traxkustik at 2011

20.12.2012 is the last day i went to gigs, music concert or whatever in this year. Had some fun with “anak metal“, “kolega RTC” and some of my friends. Thanks L.A Light Terusik Traxkustik Trax FM for this great event 🙂

And this is my favourite one, Raisa. Beautiful singer with beautiful face 😀


After this beautiful singer, and 21st night turn. But honestly, i didn’t enjoy their performance. And Sir Dandy continued perform after that. He made us laugh. This is my first time enjoy their show. Good Job anyway. While Pure Saturday performed, we were eating at Nasi Ampera.

Sir Dandy
And we continued for Naif and Maliq & d’Essentials. When Naif play, i enjoy their show with Ipang at back row. So i didn’t get Close Up photo of Naif. Just this one, enjoy 🙂


Me and Ipang try to reach front row as my first space with another colleague. And we success watch Maliq front near gap.

When Maliq & d’Essentials Performed

Maliq & d’Essentials

Thank god for this interesting days. Anyway i met some of my friend there. And one of them was Stefanus, my friend at Young On Top.

Me and Stefanus

Enjoy your life when you still young. Remember, life just once. See you 🙂

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