Seminar Korosi MnMs Week

Seminar Korosi MnMs Week

Last tuesday and last wednesday, i didn’t go to campus, however went to Patra Jasa Office Tower since there was “Seminar Korosi, MnMs Week 2011”

stage for all the keynote, technical speaker and anything else
Actually, i’m ashamed to come that event. because, i’m not well-worked to organize this event. i mean, necessarily i promise to Allam as Project Officer to support MnMs after my project (Backstage 2011) finished. but in reality, i didn’t get enough sense of belonging to organize this event. i don’t know because i didn’t join from the start or whatever and i even busy with my other bussiness.
Firstly, i’m staff of sponsorship. but i just accompanied Avis as Head of Sponsorship to one of sponsor, that’s it. i didn’t do anything at all. that’s why i ashamed to come to this event firstly. but Doni as Head of Documentation ask me to help him as Photographer. Finally, i was Photographer in this event.

try to look like professional photographer :p

In my opinion this event is really professional, since the audience is industry people and some of them director, general manger or another top position in their bussiness. and i happy because my department had the biggest event that can show our existence to outsider. anyway, i really love food and drink in this event, i want to this event longer because the food is very delicious :p

breakfast at commitee room

orang-orang tampan di depan stand pameran 😀

tuh kan, mereka aja pada suka banget


Pa Agus Salim, one of my trainer when i was on job training

nah kan, ketauan avis lagi liatin siape :p

when the event finished
Big Commitee MnMs Week 2011

Sponsorship team (even i’m so “gabut”)

Me and Project Officer (Allam Putra)

Congrats to Allam and all of commitee to do this BIG EVENT. i’m so sorry if i am not contribute enough to this event. i really proud to all of you and proud as “Metallurgy and Materials Family”. thanks for avis, yoga and doni who ask me to join this event 🙂
See You at the Next Event

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