Review 2011

Review 2011

I wanna remind what happened in 2011,

* The worst new year eve ever, story is here
* Made 2 video that use stop motion effect (othello freak and film ekskursi metal 2008)
* On job training at PT. Radiant Utama with Albar, Bangkit, & Sanjay
* My grandma was sick for a long time. From January 2011 until now and had been amputated at August 2011 since diabetic 🙁
* Register Digital Media Imagine Cup and pass until semi-finalist. The first and the second video (Y)
* Change username twitter from “nizarrahat” to “nizarland”
* Had the best trip with #metal08, and that was our excursion, story is here
* As 3rd of winner poster design taxplore. click here to read
* Finally, i have blackberry. click here to read
* Start to write down about inspiring people in my blog. And already three people until now
* Have couchsurfing account
* Got an award “Best Student of Competition in FTUI, 2011”
* As asistant of Corrosion and Extraction Laboratoty
* As Young On Top Campus Ambassador
* Marathon for watching “Abnon” LIVE, (south, east and thousand island)
* Got the best birthday surprise for the first time. Story is here
* First time saw Drama Musical in Theatre. And i had been watching Musikal Laskar Pelangi and also acquintance with some of cast. click here to read
* Got some of new friends from around the world. England, America, Brazil, etc. Thanks rivky for acquintance me with all of “Bule” AIESEC
* One of my close best friend was past away. He is iki :”(, story is here
* Join Sinetra (Film community in UI) as Research and Technical Development
* Was studying at Goethe. Ich konnen sprechen deutsch dikit2 sekarang hehe
* First time trying selling ticket JRL
* Went to Urbanfest and that was so fun!
* Got lomo, from IMMt. YEAAAY! and 3 award in one night. Check story here
* As volunteer of GoelaliFest, story is here 
* Had Kribo, afro, brokoli or whatever hair

And the last but not least, as you know i spend my time in 2011 as Project Officer Backstage 2011. Thank god, i got many values from them. Thanks for all of my best crew i ever had :”)

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