Bali Trip #metal08

Bali Trip #metal08

Hello everybody, after long time i didn’t go out of town to refresh my mind with my campus mate. Finally, last weekday, i went to Bali with #metal08. We had a flight at around 8 p.m at monday. Honestly, this is the first time i had been a flight.

there isn’t me since i captured the picture

we flight by air asia but took a picture at garuda indonesia hahaha

When we arrived at Bali, actually i shocked looking ngurah rai airport. Domestic arrival terminal is under my expectation. But it’s okay. Then, we took a taxi to our cottage. I slept with 6 mates which the room actually only for maximum 4 person. But, we can make it 7 person 😀
Time was running, and tuesday was coming. We started our trip to Kuta Beach at 1 p.m. It so worst, went to beach at that time. The sun so freakin hot. After we had been in Kuta Beach, we had a lunch at Mak Joe (really recommended, big restaurant, delicious food and cheap price). And continued to Balangan Beach and Padangpadang Beach. I really enjoyed being beach boy. That really fun and relaxing 🙂

Photos at Kuta Beach

look at gondrong’s face, hahaha

Photos at Mak Joe 
At Mak Joe anyway we tried to captured some picture. And it was like photography class since many of my friend tried capturing some picture. And another friend as a model.

He is my favourite model, really awesome anyway. Suitable to be sunglasses model

beside as model, nofec interested to learn using camera

captured by: nur aziz

Photos at Balangan Beach

he got nice jump 🙂
Phots in Padangpadang Beach
I like the way to go to padangpadang beach. We should through small way between edge/canyon. About 6 p.m the beach guard blow whistle as announcement we had to back. But, we still enjoying the beach and suddenly “Big Dog” came to beach. And running close to me. I shocked when actually dog at maybe 1 metre beside me. So scary

that is the canyon. small way is behind us. really small

2nd day, wednesday, we went to Pulau Penyu and continued to Bluepoint Beach. That is the most beautiful beach i’ve ever been in Bali. In pulau penyu i met with tourist from Argentina. He asked me: “where are you from?”. I answered: “Let you guess!”. And he guessed “Jamaica?”. I shocked when he guessed, i just laughed and said “No, i’m from Jakarta”.

Photos at Tanjoeng Benoa & Pulau Penyu
oh my god, we captured when look at sexy tourist 😀

perfect jumping 🙂

Actually, i made some stop motion clip here. But it’s for #metal08 movie. So just wait 🙂

Photos at Bluepoint Beach

We got sunset there, in fact the beach really beautiful but i didn’t take more picture because i want to enjoy it more and more. I still waiting picture from hutri. He captured picture of us when sunset at bluepoint. Surely, that will be great.

Back to our cottage, took a bath, dinner and we continued our night at Legian. Firstly,  we don’t know where we want to go. But, some of my friend suggest to go to Legian. And finally we went there and we had many stories there which can’t be explained here. This story is just for us, so memorable and funny 😀
The last day in Bali, some of my friend had a flight in the morning and afternoon but me and another my friend had a night flight. So, some of us went to Tanah Lot as our last destination in Bali before we back to Jakarta. Oh ya, i’m forget, in the morning me, fuad, bedul, aziz and burit went to Kuta and enjoy it for the last time.

Photos at Kuta Beach for the last time

Photos at Tanah Lot

my  hair look like people at thousand years before century. fixed!

Photos at Ngurah Rai Airport
This is the picture while we were waiting an aeroplane at Ngurah Rai Airport.

Arrived at soekarno hatta about 00.15 a.m and we back to home by teteh’s family car. Thank you teh. Oh ya anyway, some of photos here is aziz’s. So i want to say thank you for him. Thanks ziz 🙂
Actually we still have more stories in Bali. But, i can’t be able to write down one by one detaily because it’s too long. All of memories already recapped in our mind. Happy to have a trip with #metal08 at my last term. I wish we will have a new trip again. See you 🙂

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