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Karaoke Party Assistant Lab

Saturday, 24th March 2012. I had consolidation with assistant corrosion and extraction laboratory. Eventhough i was too late because my neighbour (ci’ indun) was passed away at last night, so i had to go to funeral after zuhur pray. I just join this consolidation for karaoke, beside the other already from 10 a.m for had […]

[Review] Bengkel Photo 2012

Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012 ada acara menarik di PSJ UI Depok. Acara fotografi yang bertemakan FASHIOLUTION : Evolution in High Fashion ini diadakan oleh LIFO FEUI (klub fotografi FEUI). Acara ini sangat dikemas dengan baik dan sehingga mendapatkan antusias yang tinggi dari peserta. Acara yang bernama Bengkel Photo ini mendatangkan Julius Bramanto sebagai pembicara dalam […]

Origami :)

When my mind complicate by my academic final project, i did new thing that made happy. Made bird by origami paper. This is my first time to do this and simply i glad and enjoy to made this one. Thank to andin who teach me step by step 🙂 Let’s do simply activity which can […]

The 2nd Music Gallery

When saturday night so flat, fortunately i checked my timeline and there was lisna’s tweet Since, i didn’t have fun activity at that time so i contact her that i would go there (ketauan banget penganggurannya :p). Finally i could enjoy the gigs with my mates, adhit and lisna. Because i went there too late, […]

Vintage Photos of My Family

When i tried to looking for something in cabinet and i found this photo. My family memories when we still kid. It’s so unyu and gemes anyway. I love my big family :”D This my 10th birthday, when i sit at 5th class elementary school in Dufan. guess which i am? reza so cute in […]

Gute Besserung Mama

Today, i made greeting card or we called it “Grußkarten” in german. The card is for my mom. I imagined someday i were in spain and when if my mother suddenly sick i would send this card for my mom. Love you mom 😀 NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspire The World”

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