Journey of My Hair

Journey of My Hair

From January 2011 until February 2012 my hair growed up from zero to hero. This is the journey of my hair :p

in January

in April

in June

in August

in December

Final Product (MUST SEE!)

Anyway, i have a haircut because this is my last term as student. It’s time to me to start apply some job, have an interview, etc. And actually, i got final project from the company. So, i have look more professional. So i decide to cut my hair and ya, some of my friend disappointed. But, the old people such as my mom, grandma, family, neighbour, etc they really happy and said “nah gitu dong, kan jadi keliatan mukanye”.
I really miss my abstract hair. That makes me being spotlight, makes me easy to find, makes a funny joke, and many thing. But now, i’m move on 😀
The last, the best picture of me and my favourite hair 🙂

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