After long time didn’t reach DUFAN. Finally, me and another MnMs committee went to DUFAN to have some fun. Happy can DO something FUN with my metal family 🙂
Anyway some photos in this post is captured by avis. He is good photographer 🙂

More Photos

Burit with his glowy t-shirt in Perang Bintang

This is Avis

At the end of the day, when we already took last picture together. Randomly, stage at kuda-kudaan played “Move Like Jagger” and i just can’t control myself. So, i and mnms committee go to front row and dance feel like it in our campus. We didn’t care about what other people said. Just enjoy the music and i shocked when i was seeing another people join dance with us. Today so climax. Thanks to allam who invite me to do some fun together 😀

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