The 2nd Music Gallery

The 2nd Music Gallery

When saturday night so flat, fortunately i checked my timeline and there was lisna’s tweet

Since, i didn’t have fun activity at that time so i contact her that i would go there (ketauan banget penganggurannya :p). Finally i could enjoy the gigs with my mates, adhit and lisna.

Because i went there too late, i just can enjoy 3 line up. The upstairs, White Shoes And The Couples Company and Gugun Blues Shelter. Never mind, they are the guest star who i really watch.
Performance of the upstairs is under my expectation. I think that i can dance like a few years ago when i was in senior high school. I miss their colourfull clothes and they sang many new song that i didn’t know at the first but at the end they sang many memorable song such as matraman and satelit.

More photos of The Upstairs

And the second line up that i watch is White Shoes And The Couples Company. They perform accoustically. So calm, peaceful and wonderful. Sari have new haircut and made her more beautiful, waaaaw. My favourite line up at that time is them. I want to enjoy your performance at next time 🙂

More photos of White Shoes And The Couples Company

And the final line up is Gugun Blues Shelter. This is the first time i watch them. Honestly their performance not really climax for the last. Maybe because the rundown is “ngaret”, they already bored. And the crowd is not really good. But i amaze seeing  their performance for the first time.
Anyway i still don’t understand to people in gigs but they stand up straightly and just take a picture. It is a gigs dude, not the photo exhibition. Never mind if you want to take a picture but try to enjoy the show and make the guest star happy seeing us as the audience.

More photos of Gugun Blues Shelter

Overall the event is great i think, BSO Band FEUI can made gigs with many line up even the ticket price is too expensive and the venue is not easy to find. But the audience still much. Maybe about 2000 people i guess. And the venue is so high class and comfortable for gigs like this.
See you at the next event 🙂

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