Failed (again)

Failed (again)

Yes, i think i am the person who often get failure. Today, i took selection for exchange program. The selection process is writting test about general knowledge, jakarta, english and essay in english. I’ve tried my best and still failed for this process.
After know about this exchange information, i share the info to the other friends. I interest to take this exchange program. My friend (mayfree) who is already take this program last year told me many things about this program. Big thanks to her for guiding me. I also already learnt to play pianika, learn about jakarta, read newspaper and many more. But, there still many person who have more effort than me.
Today, i learnt how to surrender, how to receive gracefully when almost all of my friends successfully to the next stage, how to still confidence but but not excessive, how to believe that still there was a God who set the best way for us. Eventhough i had many failure but i never give up to take many opportunity ahead. Let’s do our best guys! 🙂

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