Polycrystalline (Short Film)

Polycrystalline (Short Film)

Why i want to make this film?
Start from junior whose name Estaura, she asked me “kak nizar, bantuin bikin film TC dong”. First, i’ve tried to deny since i want to focus doing my final project a.k.a TA or Skripsi. I just said “oke nanti gue bantu deh sharing gimana caranya blablabla” i mean, that i didn’t take it directly. Just share my info and experience.
Then my friend, joni. He often asked me “dimana zar? dicariin tuh. katanya gimana film TC”. Joni made me think “okay, i have to contribute in this filmmaking”. Unfortunatelly, Estaura and team still didn’t have realistic idea to make short-film. We just have approximately 1-2 weeks to make this film.
Because we didn’t have enough time, so i take over making story and real script. In another word, i am as Director and Scriptwritter. Anyway this is the first time i made real script. Event it still amateur, at least i’ve tried better.

Part of the script

How about the excecussion?
Looking for idea and write on paper as real script spend time 2 days. Then in Monday we took some shoot, just 2 of 11 scenes. Then continued 8 scenes in Tuesday. And the longest scene is the last scene. We shoot it at wednesday. We through some togetherness (azeeeeek, hehe). From must be patient to cast who often laugh until shoot really seriously and i didn’t take again some scene even still there some mistake such as some figuran smile, etc. Because we didn’t have enough time once again. We went to KFC Lenteng Agung to shoot, to “kos-kos-an”, kutek, bunderan psiko, etc.
AND THE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT IS WHEN MY LEG WAS BITTEN BY DOG IN FEUI !!!! That was really sh*t moment. But it’s okay.

Me, estaura, aca, and tara

With cast (without rangga)

Deadline was Friday, and fortunatelly we had editor who doesn’t have experience in editing video but work profesionally. And i can’t lie that he is really great. His name Ali Syakir. We late 34 minutes in submitting this film, and our point reduced 10 point.
Gala premiere
When ali was editing, and optimist that our film would be great. Then i had an idea to held Gala Premiere. So, we didn’t distribute this film for public. If they want to watch, come to Gala Premiere. But, our plan not really run well. Because, our film would be play first at Kantek. So, the team change plan that there was two  “small event”, screening at Kantek and Gazmet just for “anak metal”. In Gazmet we also played behind the scene. The “event” run well, we can feel our togetherness as “anak metal” by watching this film together 🙂

Honestly i shocked. I didn’t know that would be real poster and standing banner with this design. Super awesome

Photos of “nobar” in gazmet


Great production team. Estaura (Producer), Tara (Cameraman), Ali (Editor)

After through this all, and the result:


Ya, polycrystalline is the 1st winner of short film in teknik cup 2012. As a producer said “Sudah bisa ngumpulin aja, itu sudah gak nyangka. Eh alhamdulillah menang”. Thanks to all crew, cast and every people who contribute in this filmmaking and who already watch and give comment.


Some comment

About the title, why do i call it Polycrystalline? Just ask me directly. I’ll explain to you 🙂

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