#1 Webseries Community Gathering

#1 Webseries Community Gathering

This wednesday, there was gathering of Webseries Indonesia Community. Actually, this is my first time join gathering this community. I know this info from Dennis Adhiswara‘s tweet. I guess this gathering would be fun and give me any knowledge about filmmaking and my prediction is right.

This event was held in IDS Epiwalk. There were some speaker and they shared about their channel. Anyway for all of you who didn’t know about webseries. So, webseries is such as video or movie which played in website such as Youtube and we can make it regularly like serial movie. There was so many interesting youtube channel. If you want to join this gathering just follow dennis on twitter or me. I’ll share info about any event like this.
Find inspiration here:
Please let me know if you get some great channel youtube. I’ll share it to the others if that really great. Let’s do filmmaking. Not only criticize, but our own movie. Good luck.

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