Short Story as Campus Ambassador

Short Story as Campus Ambassador

I still remember, one year ago i wrote in my blog that i accepted as young on top campus ambassador. click here if you want to read that post. Basicly, i am the people who love doing organization. After did some organization in my campus, i just want to enlarge my organization from just in campus to be outside from campus. I knew young on top community is positive. And I have heard some of campus ambassador such as Iman Usman and David Sihombing, they have a great track record and achievement. I thought if i were campus ambassador, i can develop myself amazingly as they are as campus ambassador in previous batch. That’s some of reason why i was being campus ambassador.
In this young on top mentorship program, i have big chance to meet and know with amazing mentor such as mas billy, mas ricky, mas taufan, mas yan, mas didip, bang joe and citra. Then, i also have many great friend from another campus. Firstly, i was happy and proud could be in circle of top people. But……….
June 2011 is official month that i was campus ambassador and had to do my responsibility such as write inspiring article, hosting twitter young on top, make monthly report, come to monthly meeting, etc. In the same time, i was being project officer of Backstage 2011 which is the biggest music event of RTC UI FM. I join in RTC since January 2010, it means i already have a high sense of belonging of this organization. Moreover, i was being project officer which is i have high responsibility to do my job and of course i was so close with all of RTC colleague as my team.
In my journey as campus ambassador, there was some reason why i can’t came to monthly meeting such as there is important and urgent duty in RTC, i have some business with my other friend, etc. I prefer my other business than monthly meeting young on top because i just feel i more important, or i have more sense of belonging, or i was more meaningful when i do my another business than i just came to monthly meeting young on top, sat, heard, lil bit chit-chat, ate, took a picture and then back to home. I didn’t really enjoy my role as campus ambassador at that time. I still didn’t have sense of belonging in this community. I wasn’t close relationship with mentors. And i just like feeling i have great friend but i still can feel them as my family at that time maybe at november 2011.
My absence in monthly meeting being the reason why i got memo or warning letter from mentor. And i feel climax when i read that memo. I thought that was my time to resign, because i almost drop out from this community and i can’t lie to myself, i got that memo was being evidence that i wasn’t enjoy as campus ambassador. I thought this is just community for people who strike want to be success at young age but there is no warm relationship inside AT THAT TIME. Yes, i am relationship oriented person. I thought bullsh*t when we want to inspire each other but still don’t have good relationship each other.
I have responsibility as head of talent in Love Donation which have job description to invite some of artist, band, and stand up comedy to participate in our event. Love Donation is the biggest event of young on top energy division. Over time, i start enjoy my role in this committee as head of talent. I thought never mind i can’t close with some of CAs or some mentors. But, i can close with some of guys in this committee. That was my turning point. Firstly, i decided just doing my role as head of talent and then resign from young on top because i thought this is not place for me. But, when a few days before love donation and when this event was run. I felt more strong and warm relationship between us. We stay up from night until morning to prepare this event, we went out looking for food and sharing about our life, etc. The strong relationship made me taken a decision to stay in this community.
More monthly meeting and more event that we’ve been through, more intimate relationship that be formed between us. As campus ambassador, we often hang out together, or have a lunch together, stay overnight in one place, supporting each other, care each other, etc. Until yesterday as last monthly meeting in batch 2, i feel  that all of campus ambassador and mentors fully are my family. The reason why i didn’t know closer with mentor at the first, because i didn’t give extra effort to know them closer. When monthly meeting i just sat on the back, seldom to raise my hands up and speak up my idea that’s one of the reason i think.

The points are:
1) If we enter the new zone, we can’t expect everybody will ask you for a long time to know us closer. But as new person at that zone we have to give more effort to know them as close as we want.
2) Need a time to close with some people, you couldn’t state you are not close with A,B,C. Maybe that would be a process to close with them.
3) As mas ricky said at last MM, everybody can start, but not everybody can finished it. We have to be the person who can finished it.
4) Believe it or not, “semua akan indah pada waktunya”. Firstly i didn’t know eveybody in this community besides kenny, sirly, qbill. But now, i know many of people in this community CLOSELY and they are fully as my family.

    YOT Family Day in tidung made closing young on top batch 2 be climax. Once again i want to say thank to all of CAs and mentors for this one amazing year. I hope our relationship don’t stop until here. We have to create strong relationship between people who contribute in this mentorship program and would be impact to create strong generation in Indonesia.
    Anyway, i post anything about young on top in my blog. Just click here if you want to read. So sorry, if my english still weird, i just want to learn and share.

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