21th Birthday

21th Birthday

Hello everybody, i want to post what happened in my last birthday. So i can remind about this want if i want in a few years ahead. Honestly, as same as last year, in my birthday i just stay at home. But, in last year, in a few days ahead i got birthday surprise from colleague RTC UI FM. And it was my first birthday surprise ever.
I just laid in my bed like bruno mars lyric in my birthday. But, my cousin (misel) gave me a birthday gift, a tattoo in my hand. It really awesome and amateur hahaha

The tattoo

Ya, i just got that birthday gift in this year. There is nothing special unfortunatelly. But, i wanna say thanks to all my friend who gave me birthday wishes through SMS, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, etc. My 21th birthday is fully flat if there is no birthday wishes from all of you guys 😀

Wohoooo!! First BBM from beautiful woman *.*

First SMS from President IMMt FTUI 2011. He mean not “sidang KP” but “sidang skripsi”

From Twitter

I don’t capture birthday wishes from facebook. Thanks for all wishes once again. Oh ya, i’m forget. I got voice note from ichu and abeth. Ichu sang happy birthday for me, and abeth gave looooooong specific wishes. The duration almost 3 minutes. Thank you ichu and abeth. And the last i got fun gift from peka. This is it.

I am 21 years old right now, i must be mature person, know my future plan and do it as my dream, useful for many people, yeah simply i want in this year i’ll be better and on the right track. See you 🙂

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