Finally “Sarjana Teknik”

Finally “Sarjana Teknik”

After 4-5 months doing my thesis, July 3th 2012 i had to present the result of my thesis. Maybe we usually called it with “Thesis Defence” or “Sidang Skripsi”. Firstly, i didn’t know actual date for my thesis defence. My advisor (dosen pembimbing) just said, “okay, your time at the second week”. But didn’t give the detail of date. At Monday, i ask him and he said “Actually, i already arrange you at this thursday. But if you want tomorrow its okay”. Since, i really want to be free as soon as possible. So, i take tuesday for my thesis defence.
I already standby from 9 a.m and still didn’t know actual hour for my thesis defence. And i got my turn around at 2 pm. My thesis defence run well. I can present what the result of my thesis and answer some of question. Even there is still some revision but it’s okay. The most important, i already did my thesis defence and passed being “Sarjana Teknik”

Nizar, S.T

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And i really feel blessed have many friends who care and support me to face this thesis defence. And here  some congratulation. It really made my day. Thank you bro and sis 🙂

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