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Another “Bukber”

I posted about Bukber #metal08 and Bukber #FPGM before. And now, i want to complete my “bukber” memories in this year. Bukber RTC season 1 Located at Soerabi depok. Dera ask us to gather and break the fast together. But it just small number of person. Without Desi, she is the one who take this […]

Pasang Bendera, Soooob!!

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012. Setelah gue melewati hari yang menyenangkan saat ke kampus. Ketemu temen, ngedit video, bukber bareng, dan business meeting di daerah Kemang. Dan akhirnya ketika pulang, gue terpaksa kerja lembur sebagai gantinya karena seharian ini gue udah jalan. Tapi walaupun terpaksa gini, seru juga sih aktivitasnya malem ini. Dan ternyata, sebagai ARESTA […]

Yellow Day

I realized that today i was so shining with the yellow one. I wore yellow t-shirt and also yellow goodie bag. I didn’t plan it. I just wore t-shirt and when need goodie bag to bring my goethe book, then i pick the newest goodie bag i had. The older one already torn. I went […]

Bukber #FPGM

YEAAHHH!!! I usually enjoy my life day by day. Last night, i went to D’Cost Kemang to break the fast with my mate from FPGM. They are my friend who already like family. They are same with me, arabic ancestry (i mean “keturunan arab”). The special of them are they are open minded and have […]

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