Another “Bukber”

Another “Bukber”

I posted about Bukber #metal08 and Bukber #FPGM before. And now, i want to complete my “bukber” memories in this year.
Bukber RTC season 1
Located at Soerabi depok. Dera ask us to gather and break the fast together. But it just small number of person.

Without Desi, she is the one who take this pict
Bukber RTC season 2
Located at Roppan, Citos. This event initiately by Agung, our general manager. Finally we could gather again after long time.

Without Nadya, she was with her friend at that moment

Bukber Sinematografi UI
Located at Warung Pasta, Depok. Actually, this “bukber” was held before Bukber RTC season 1 and seasone 2. This is my friend who passionate about movie, we are filmmaker soon to be. Amin 🙂

Bukber YOT
I already have bukber YOT before this one. I posted as Sabtu Bahagia Bersama YOT CA. And for this post, we break the fast together again while celebrate mas billy‘s birthday. We share our happiness to the orphan at Yayasan Himmatun Ayat. Even we just met about 2 hours but thats still awesome (Y)

Give any wishes for mas billy

I feel blessed that i had many friend who nice and great to meet up as often as possible 😀

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