Bukber #FPGM

Bukber #FPGM

YEAAHHH!!! I usually enjoy my life day by day. Last night, i went to D’Cost Kemang to break the fast with my mate from FPGM. They are my friend who already like family. They are same with me, arabic ancestry (i mean “keturunan arab”). The special of them are they are open minded and have a good intelectual and always have inspiring story to tell.
From Kemang, the ladies back to home and the guys continue our trip to PIM. Since Hamzah want to meet his sister there. Enjoy the Cold Stone and Yupi while sharing story. Really interesting. I can’t share what the interesting story that i got, because it’s too much. One of my advice for you who still college student, make a friend to many people inside and outside your faculty. I just feel blessed today, that i have many friend from different background and it is very unique and interesting to share. Trust me. Make a friend and expand the networking are important.
Good night 🙂

D’Cost Kemang

Cold Stone, PIM

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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