Yellow Day

Yellow Day

I realized that today i was so shining with the yellow one. I wore yellow t-shirt and also yellow goodie bag. I didn’t plan it. I just wore t-shirt and when need goodie bag to bring my goethe book, then i pick the newest goodie bag i had. The older one already torn.

I went to campus and paid for graduation ceremony (wisuda), then on-air at RTC UI FM. Since our favourite student radio will anniversary at a few days ahead. So all of division should on air and sabotage the program. We spoke whatever we want and played music whatever we like.

Then, went to my departemen “Teknik Metalurgi and Materials” building to take some materials for year movie metal08. Joni made some material for that, just wait for the result. Okay, after that continued to goethe and learned as usual. Yeay!! This yellow made my day 🙂

My lovely-unique-antique shoes since i was in senior high school

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