I am the JUDGE

I am the JUDGE

Sorry for this late post, to celebrate independence day of Indonesia, IMMt held Poster Competition. Initially, some committee ask me to join this competition. But, i was doing my project which is documentary movie for #metal08. So, i didn’t register this competition.
And a few days later, one of commitee ask me to be a judge. This is my first time to be a judge, i accepted that request with breefing and explanation what i should to do as a judge. By my basic as photographer and art lover, i criticize about composition, typography, about the theme, etc. That’s nice.
And the winners,

The 1st Winner

The 2nd Winner

The 3rd Winner

Really proud of them for their art, pretty cool! And i want to say thank to IMMt for their trust to me. Go metal go!!

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