Lebaran 1433 H

Lebaran 1433 H

So sorry, i write this posting so late. I want to say all of you
Minal aidin wal faidzin,
mohon maaf lahir batin
There are some memories in this ied
Day 1

Aresta Big Family, after ied pray

I went around to my neighbour home, my family home, etc. And this is one of the stuff which my ied special. The greeting card, i made this by my own. Gemas!!

Day 2
Went around to #metal08 house. This is a routine activity once a year. We called it “Jakarta Trip”

Day 3
I went to purwarkarta just for one day, not for stay at night. There are my family from my father side. I didn’t really often to meet all of them. Maybe just once a year for meet up. So, i use this time to socialize and have a conversation with them.

he is my cousin 🙂

I just remember all of this for memories in this ied. Hopefully we can run our day more happy with a new scene of life 🙂

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