Ramadhan 1433H

Ramadhan 1433H

I spend some of last day in Ramadhan with Aresta, They are my neighbour. We held some event in our society. The first we received then distribute “zakat” to right people. The second we organize small competition for kids such as “adzan”, reading al-qur’an, calligraphy, etc. And the third we held sponsorship for the orphans, i mean “penyantunan anak yatim” hehe.
We just organize this event, some of people gave their money to run this event. Really enjoying my ramadhan for this year. Yeay!

Adzan Competition

The Judges

The supporters

More photos ….
I was correcting the score

Reading al-qur’an competition

Zakat committee

“penyantunan anak yatim”

zakat on the road

yeay! really like his pose. kinda like superstar (Y)

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