Nizarland Layout Evolution

Nizarland Layout Evolution

Nizarland layout already changed. This is the 4th version. The first one just classic temple with brown main colour, the second one the template look like hanging board but the template lil bit dark. The third one, is the most cheerful and colourfull template. I use the third template for long time, maybe above 2 years.
But, i change with the newest one. I just want to upgrade my blog. I alredy bored to see the third layout. Even some people like that layout, but i think i must change with the new one. And the newest template also describe me who already graduate from engineering faculty. Now i am engineer who love creative stuff such as photography, filmmaking, etc. This template more fresh, more mature, and more simple. Do you like it?

The third layout

The fourth layout (which i use right now)

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