Shooting Day 1

Shooting Day 1

Last night, at “malam takbiran”, i had been shooting for a night. We met up at Sente Cafe and Resto, kelapa dua and prepared and did setting shooting tools at 5 pm. Then, we started to shoot at 7 pm. We had any problem yesterday.
First, when we was starting record some shoots, we heard “takbiran” voice from mosque. We cannot control it. So we used iPhone to backup any voice and we must do dubbing. We will do it later.

Second, the environment so dark. We already prepared the lighting. But we just brought portable lighting. The price is expensive enough for me. For that little stuff, we must spend IDR 100.000. I thought that expensive, since i had used “blonde lighint”. It just IDR 20.000 per day and the light was brighter.

Third, the battery for lighting and camera was empty when shooting didn’t finish yet. So we must wait for a half hour then continued shooting. Bring some additional batteries when you want to shooting!!!!

I made it with Sinematografi UI mate and helped by some friends from Broadcasting UI 2007. Shooting isn’t easy, but very fun to do. I just adore all of filmmakers in Indonesia such as Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza, Rudi Soejarwo, Joko Anwar who already created a lot of films. And i know it wasn’t easy. I wish someday, i could be great filmmaker like them.

Boim & Imah

Full Team (Crew & Cast)

Thank you so much for all cast and crew. And for you, yes you! just wait for our new film. And we will share when it already done. Anyway we create it and will submit it for “Festival Film Prancis”. Wish us luck 😉

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