A lot of Topics

A lot of Topics

Yeah, sunday night we planned to Reading Room Jakarta for watching one of the recommended documentary film from my friend ‘Act of Killing’. But unfortunatelly, the seats were full even for screening at 9 p.m. We already there at 5.45 p.m. So we continued our chit-chat to La Codefin Kemang. We ate Hoka-hoka bento. One of the affordable restaurant there. But we thought, we need more time and more comfortable place to chit-chat. Then we went to McD and chit-chat for more than 3 hours i think. We just “nyemil-nyemil lucu” like McFlurry and Beef Burger but got sofa seat and stay long time enough. So lucky

Really a lot of topics to chat with Qbill, Khrisna, Thalita and Sasha. See you all next year :p

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