Resolusi 2012 [Reviewed]

Resolusi 2012 [Reviewed]

Graduate from University Indonesia for 4 years with IPK more than 3,3
(I chased it. Thank god)
Got intership, part time job, or whatever in my engineering side before i graduated
 (Actually, my thesis was from company. Firstly i thought thath kinda internship. But it wasn’t like “internship” in my expectation)
Go abroad when i still was student (Such as for exchange student, conference, competition, etc)
(I still can’t chase it. It my resolution from last year. Its okay)

Work in Oil and Gas Company after i graduated
(Thank god, i got it. Even the work will start in January 2013)
Join “Abang None Kepulauan Seribu”
(Hmmm.. i cancel this as my resolution honestly, hmmm i confused to explain “why”)
Nizarland go professional, change to and could be media partner of some event.
(Yo yo mamen, it really comes true. Some of event in UI ask Nizarland as their media partner)
Have a lovely partner
(I still can’t chase it. I think lovely partner would come in the right time. Even i have my own lovelife, but i don’t want to share it publicly. Just me and her)
Could drive a car
(I didn’t even try it)
My weight above 70kg
(When doing my thesis my weight was increase but not exceed than 70kg)
Just 3 of 8 my resolution that i chased. I tried my best. But it’s reality. I keep still learning and learning to develop myself. I will post what i have done in this year in separate blogpost.
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