Turkish Film Festival

Turkish Film Festival

Today was the Turkish Film Festival day. I went to Epicentrum XXI with my YOT mates. Firstly, just Qbill and Khrisna that would come. But, suddenly Risca was coming and joined with us. Finally we didn’t gather three of us (me, qbill and khrisna) but with additional ladies, risca hehe.

This week i also attended for Europe On Screen. But, honestly i don’t really like the movie. Just boring. Maybe, since my english still on progress or something. I tried to understand and enjoy the show, but honestly i prefer Turkish Film Festival than Europe On Screen. It just my personal opinion.

I just grab three tickets, since still didn’t know that risca would coming

Okay, i watched Fetih 1453. You can see the trailer here. The story about fight for constantine between two kingdom. I love the action of cast, the way they bleeding, the way they’ve been stucked by arrows, the way they fight, etc. And especially i never bored to see the turkish ladies. Perfectly beautiful. And i also love the children who as son of the king Mehmed.

After watched it, we continue had a break in 4Fingers and share a lot of story. One of the happiest day. Thanks all, my mates.

Khrisna, Qbill, Risca

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