What I’ve Done in 2012

What I’ve Done in 2012

Even just 3 of 8 my resolution that i chased, but i still did many things in this year. I want to write it down what i have done in 2012.

* I started this year with all of my big family to celebrate New Year Eve in Bandung. The story is here.
* My article was one of the inspiring article Young On Top in January. Click here to read.
* Nizarland.blogspot.com is changed to www.nizarland.com. More professional and my blog as media partner some of event in UI
* As PIC of Talent Love Donation 2012. Click here for 1st day story and here for 2nd day story.
* Bali Trip with #metal08. Super fun and that was our last vacation before we graduated. The story is here.
* I had to cut my hair which already “kribo”. Click here to read.
* I got new Nizarland’s Logo from Ahmad. This one for the story.
* THESIS!!!!! I did it as one of the requirements to graduate from my campus. The tittle of my thesis is “Studi Pengaruh Tekanan Kompaksi dan Waktu Kalsinasi Terhadap Pellet Zeolit Alam Sebagai Desiccant”
* I did reportage for “Kelas Inpirasi” which was held by Indonesia Mengajar. I met a lot of inspiring people there. The story is here.
* I got the first Postcard from Bangkok and now i love to create postcard and share to my mate. This is the postcard from Bangkok 
* I created Polycrystalline. The short film that i created with metallurgy and materials student to enter Teknik Cup Competition. Thank god we are the first winner of Short Film Category. Click here to read.
* YOT Mengajar, Ecouture, Monthly Meeting and end our Journey as Campus Ambassador in Tidung for YOT Family day. Click here to read YOT Family Day and here to read my short story as Young On Top Campus Ambassador.
* First time to Join Futsal Competition. Click here to read.
* First time as a Judge in Poster Competition. Click here to read. And the second one as a Judge in Advertising Competition. Click here to read.
* I created the best documentary film for #metal08. It super succeeded. Click here to read.
* I changed Nizarland layout for the fourth time.
* I often do photography in gigs and something. Just see in my DeviantArt.
* I helped my lecture to do his Project about Distribution gas in Papua even i just did it for two weeks
* As professional photographer in Abang None Jakarta Timur Grand Final and professional filmmaker/video editor for event in my friend’s office.
* Do red bull air race project
* Internship in Media Online about Film, Tv and Entertainment. I got many experience there.
* I created short film titled by Waktu Kunjung Pacar and succeeded as Best Viewers Choice Award. And we got Galaxy Tab 2 as the prize. I created it with Sinematografi UI and Broadcasting UI 2007. Click here to read.
* Read some self-development books. Leader without A Tittle, Your Job is Not Your Career, Mimpi Sejuta Dollar, Young On Top Campus Ambassador, My Life as Film Director 
* First time watch in IMAX and for free :p. The story is here.
* First time attending Europe On Screen.
* My twitter was hacked. The story is here.

The highlights in 2012 were doing my thesis well and graduated as engineer, created some movie (Polycrystalline, Film Dokumenter #metal08, YOT Family Day and Waktu Kunjung Pacar), internship in Muvila while waiting for engineering job, and were doing a lot of my passion such as Photography, make a new friend, went to free event, read some self-development books, watch some movies, etc. And now i have one of new dream. I want to be one of the Famous Film Director in Indonesia.

2012 is the year that i used to search my passion. And next year should be more amazing. I can’t wait work as engineer while can have another sidejob/project/businesses.

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