Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thank God I Found You, #metal08

Kalo tadi pagi @VannyAzzahra nge-tweet “Random adalah begitu nyampe kampus malah nonton video angkatan by @nizarland production hahaha”, gue kayaknya akan nge-tweet “Random adalah pulang kantor langsung nonton video angkatan #metal08”. Ya ini random posting kok, gak usah dibaca ya. Kalo dibaca ya gak usah serius-serius amat juga bacanya hehe. Tiba-tiba random aja pulang kantor […]

Social House

Just random night after we’ve been worked. We gathered together in Grand Indonesia. First, we ate some various food in food lover. Then, have a sit for a moment in Social House. It my first time gathered with all this coleague with our new career, not as student anymore. All of us already work in […]

The Walking Dead

Hey buds, i spent this weekend by movie marathon. Not movie, series actually. I’m not the person who really love TV series, but i want to say that i really love one of this TV series. The tittle is THE WALKING DEAD. I have watched over 10 episodes in this weekend, now i already know […]

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